How to Start an Oriflame Business At Home?

Start Your Oriflame Business at Home

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Do you want to become a successful entrepreneur or businesswoman? However, the task of setting up a business physically and its investment is daunting and stops you from possessing your passion. If so, why not start an Oriflame business today right away from your comfort zone? 

Oriflame a renowned skincare and cosmetic brand offers a fantastic opportunity to individuals who want to start their businesses. Whether you are a mother, housewife, working woman, student, or any professional, starting a business with Oriflame will allow you to earn a passive income and secure your future. 

If you want to be your boss and work on your terms, then this is a wonderful opportunity. In the Oriflame business, you will not only earn but also learn and can be able to create a worldwide spectacular network. 

This blog is all about business opportunities by Oriflame and how to begin working on it from scratch. Hence keep reading the blog further to collect more information for making an informed decision. 

Research and Understand the Brand

Before starting with an Oriflame business, you need to spend time in research and familiarize yourself with the brand. You should check online sites and take recommendations from people about Oriflame, and its product range. If possible, you should give personal try to the products and also know about the company’s values. You could also hop into the success stories of the individuals on the Oriflame’s official website. 

Find a Sponsor 

The next step in setting up a business by Oriflame is to search amongst existing consultants and ask for sponsorship. This is important if you wish to begin your business with the Oriflame platform. Reach out to your family, friends, or any other known acquaintance who is already a part of this business and express your interest in joining the business and also state the reasons. The consultant can guide you through the enrollment process and give ongoing support. 

Enroll as an Oriflame Consultant

Once you find the sponsor, ask them to assist you with the enrollment process into Oriflame Beauty and Business. The sponsor will provide and ask you to fill out a form with the necessary personal details and also ask you to buy an Oriflame Starter kit. It will comprise the product samples and essential tools that will help you kick-start your business versatility. 

Set Your Goals and Develop Oriflame Business Plan

Before launching your business at Oriflame, it’s important to understand and develop your Oriflame Business Plan. You should set your goals and define the visions. Here you need to determine how much time you need to spend and what efforts can grow your business. Also, develop and finalize those plans with outlines of the strategies for success. Stop setting unachievable goals, instead set achievable and measurable goals that will keep you focused and motivated. 

Learn and Attend the Training Sessions

Oriflame organizes training sessions and supports through which consultants can learn about the mechanism of the brand. You should take advantage of these sessions in the form of webinars, workshops, and seminars. Through these sessions, you can be able to get enough product knowledge, sales techniques, and marketing strategies. 

Build Your Customer Base

One of the keys to success not only in this business but in any sort of business is building the customer base. Start reaching out to your friends, family, and colleagues and introduce them to the product range offered by Oriflame. Use social media platforms, create content, and offer recommendations as to why these products stand out amongst others in the market. 

Grow Your Team 

As your business expands and people start buying your Oriflame products, it’s time to expand your team. Consider building a team of professionals who will work under your expert guidance. Mentor and support them whenever they are in trouble. This way you will not only boost your earnings but also power your skills of teamwork and collaboration. 


This was all about how normal women or man can begin their Oriflame Business and set up a side business for their future and security. The business of Oriflame operates on a simple and effective business model. Being an Oriflame consultant, you will earn through various ways such as retail sales, team building, bonuses, trips, etc. 

To gain success in this business, you should not get demotivated even if you do not want to join the network of professionals. Also, keep a thorough knowledge of the products so that you can easily explain them to anybody anytime and anywhere. 

If you want to start an Oriflame business right after reading this blog, then head to our site I am Vanita Kawatra, the Senior Diamond Director at Oriflame, and helping women across the globe successfully establish their home businesses with Oriflame.